Publishers Clearing House Odds – Ever wonder what the Publishers Clearing House odds for winning one of their many sweepstakes prizes are then read on and we will give you the PCH FAQ.

Publishers Clearing House Odds are very low but the payout is big

First know that the odds of winning a Publishers Clearing House promotion are low, therefore it’s nice to have online PCH Sweepstakes forms.

Publishers Clearing House Entry is convenient online

These Publishers Clearing House Entry “sites” want you to think with just a click and scroll you can register to be in one of their many popular and high-paying contests.

Odds Publishers Clearing House

Be advised that these online sweepstakes offers come with a multi-page submission process. However, it beats the old fashion way of searching, picking and peeling stickers that take 30 minutes to find which then have to be mailed back to the company.

The odds of winning a PCH sweepstakes is about 505 million to 1. At least, that was the latest odds for a $10 million dollar sweepstakes. Winning odds will vary depending on the contest, but know that you are definitely not alone.

Contrary to what you may think, your odds of winning a Publishers Clearing House contest will not go up if you buy something from them. That’s illegal. The fact is, PCH faced legal action for not making this clear enough to it’s entrants. Now they boldly mark winner’s odds and openly divulge the reality of you having the prize patrol show up at your front door.

Generally there is always a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes promotion going on at any point during the year. Enter their latest million dollar deal and hope that the prize patrol outfitted with balloons, champagne and flowers (along with an oversized check) will all show up at your front door.

That’s the latest sweepstakes and money news about beating the Publishers Clearing House Odds.