Haircut With Fire – Ever complain about the smell of hair singed by fire well just wait until you hear and see why some people prefer a haircut with fire over the traditional snip-snip of scissors.

Haircut With Fire for the most unique hair style

There are actually barbers who specialize in haircuts with fire and they claim it provides added volume and body.

Fire Haircuts for both men and women

The fire haircut is done with nothing more than a thin flammable stick about the size of a 4th of July sparkler and a metal comb. Some just use fingers to fluff and smooth those locks.

Fire With Haircut for a unique salon experience

Ladies, it is also possible to get jagged edges, firey fringed creations and dimensional volume for longer lengths.

This barber from Memphis says no problem with split ends, just burn them away. Having a bad hair day, then take a torch and burn those locks into oblivion. He’s only had one close call after all his years of flame-styling his clients hair and his talents have landed him on late night talk shows like Letterman and Leno.

Do you have any burning desire to go under the candle? You might want to carry a pint-sized fire extinguisher in your pocket just in case your stylist turns up the heat a tad too much!

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